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SM490A high-strength steel plate

SM490A high-strength steel plate

Posted:2020-05-19 10:57:34
JIS G3106 SM490A steel plate is a low-alloy high-strength steel. It is a structural steel produced in accordance with Japanese standard JIS G3106. Its tensile strength min. 490MPa. It is mainly used for buildings, bridges, ships, rail vehicles, petroleum storage tanks, containers and other buildings that require advanced weldability.

SM490A steel plate size, shape, weight specification
The size, shape, weight and allowable deviation of the steel plate should meet the requirements of GB709-88.
Chemical composition%: C≤0.20, Mn≤1.70, Si≤0.50, P≤0.035, S≤0.035.

SM490A steel plate delivery

For SM490A steel plates with a thickness of <80mm, the delivery status is hot rolled; for steel plates with a thickness of ≥80mm, the delivery status is normalized, and the delivery status and the actual heat treatment system (insulation temperature and time) are indicated in the warranty
JIS G3106 SM490A high-strength steel plate is suitable for welding and joining structure. SM490A plates are mainly used for structural parts such as buildings, bridges, ships, vehicles, and engineering machinery that require excellent welding performance.
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