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S55C medium carbon steel

S55C medium carbon steel

Posted:2020-05-22 10:29:16

S55C die steelunderJIS G 4051standard is equivalent to China's high-quality carbon structural steel 55# steel.

Same as 45 # steel, S55Csteelis medium carbon steel with high quality medium carbon steel. The steel is a fully static steel manufactured by the electric furnace, open hearth or pure oxygen converter steelmaking method, and has the characteristics of excellent workability and uniform metallographic structure. The steel is cheap and the processing is simple, suitable for surface hardening treatment such as high frequency quenching and flame quenching. The carbon content of the steel (mass fraction,%) ≥ 0.4, excellent wear resistance, but the ductility is reduced, quenching is easy to deform and crack, so quenching is extremely important, and quenching after tempering is necessary to avoid temper brittleness. The steel is difficult to cut and needs to be spheroidized to improve the cutting performance. In principle, it is tempered to a hardness of 19 to 22 HRC to facilitate machining. Supply status and hardness 149 ~ 192HBS, 183 ~ 255HBS, 229 ~ 285HBS.

S55C medium carbon steel plates are usually delivered in hot rolled or heat treated condition, and the steel plates should be delivered with cut edges。

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