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How to Distinguish 304 and 201 Stainless Steel?

How to Distinguish 304 and 201 Stainless Steel?

Posted:2019-10-17 15:51:52

Differences between 304 and 201 Stainless Steel

304 stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance and high price: the difference between 201 and 304 stainless steel is mainly reflected in the different elements contained in the two. The corrosion resistance and stamping performance of 304 stainless steel are far better than 201, and 304 stainless steel is generally used in places with complex environment and strong corrosion resistance. 201 is not used for environmental requirements, or stainless steel is not required. Somewhere high.
201 stainless steel is easy to rust: 201 stainless steel has higher manganese content, the surface is very bright with dark light, and the manganese content is high and easy to rust.

Which environments are suitable for 201 or 304 stainless steel?
201 stainless steel mainly covers the construction industry, industrial fields and other scenes, and 304 stainless steel has an absolute advantage in performance, so the coverage is wider and more comprehensive than 201 stainless steel.

How to Distinguish 304 and 201 Stainless Steel?

1, look at the gloss in the distance
From the far side, the 304 stainless steel plate and the 201 stainless steel plate have the same luster and matt color. However, we can identify it by other means.
2, feel
Directly close to the naked eye, the color of the 304 is saturated and shiny, and the feel is very smooth. On the 201, it will be slightly dark, the color saturation is low, and the hand will feel a little rough.
3, water test
In the case of water staining, the watermark on the surface of the 304 is very easy to remove, and the 201 treatment is very troublesome.
4, grinding machine
By grinding machine to distinguish: when grinding 304 stainless steel plate, the spark is short and less; and 201 is the opposite, the spark is splashed and more. When using this method to distinguish between large households, it is necessary to maintain the consistency of the grinding intensity.
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