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EN 10111 DD11 steel
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EN 10111 DD11 steel

EN 10111 DD11 steel

EN 10111 DD11 steel is continuously hot rolled low carbon steel sheet and strip (in coils) for cold forming.

Depending on its actual width,EN 10111 DD11 steel strip is classified as:

-- hot rolled wide strip if its width is greater than or equal to 600 mm;

-- hot rolled slit wide strip if its width is less than 600 mm.

EN 10111 European Standard is applicable to products of thickness not less than 1。5 mm and not exceeding 8 mm。

DD11 material chemical composition: % max

Grade C Mn P S
DD11 0.12 0.60 0.045 0.045

EN 10111 DD11 low carbon steel mechanical properties

Grade ReL N/mm2 Rm N/mm2 max Elongation % min
DD11 1.5≤e≤2 2≤e≤8 1.5≤e≤2 2≤e≤3 3≤e≤8
170-360 170-340 440 23 24 28

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